Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inside Out

In Amsterdam, you can see it all.

A guy running sheepishly out of a prostitute’s room (I guess the exit strategy is never very suave).

A guy stumbling out of a coffeehouse from smoking too much weed.

A guy transporting a half-smoked joint from one prostitute’s window to another’s.

A Brit on a cell phone telling his “mate” that he’s just doing a little “window shopping”.

A bike parking garage that you could get lost in.

A store selling cannabis right next to their tulips.

A man putting 1 Euro into a vending machine to get a hot cooked hamburger.

Another man putting 1 Euro into another vending machine to get some French fries.

A guy pissing in an open street urinal.

A group of Japanese senior citizens following a tour guide with an oversized umbrella walking past it all.

Needless to say, Amsterdam is like no other place.

But then again, maybe it is.

Because really, it’s just any other city. Except it's turned inside out.

And instead of being disgusted or annoyed or amazed, all I felt was admiration.

For the most honest and tolerant city I’ve ever seen in the world.


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