Sunday, April 06, 2008

Play Money

When we first got to Switzerland, the money all looked like play money. Yellow tens, pink twenties, green fifties, blue hundreds,etc. But now I am so used to it, that American money is starting to look strange. And not only that, even "real" Monopoly money is throwing me off.

We just finished a game of Monopoly tonight with a friend that is visiting. During the game, I thought I had been paid the wrong amount for one of my properties. I know I am truly Swissified because of this. The person had given me a blue bill, which in Monopoly, is the ten dollar bill. But my mind was expecting a yellow bill (the 10 Swiss Franc bill is yellow) and so I did a double take, thinking I had just been handed a 100 dollar bill (since the Swiss franc 100 is blue). It's crazy how quickly your brain just reprograms to things as small as the color of currency.


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