Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Year Away

In one year this Switzerland thing could be all over. My husband’s contract officially ends May 1, 2009. The first two years went really fast. When we originally came, I only wanted to come for two years because I thought three years would be too much, especially if I didn’t find a job of my own. But I did. And it took over a year to really get comfortable living here, so three years seems ideal. Except now with the thought of leaving it seems like it would be better even longer. I don’t know. It depends what day you ask me and if it’s foggy or not in Zurich. But I really will miss the travel.

The people in my office thought I was leaving sooner than I am with all the travel I’ve been doing lately. But no, that’s just become the new normal for me—a trip to another country every other week. I feel like I’ve done pretty well seeing a lot of Europe so far. But there’s so many other places in the world still waiting. Sigh.

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