Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Burgerbuster. That's me. I admit it. I actually stopped a man from eating a burger in mid-bite. I don't think I've ever done such a thing before, but then again, today was the first time I witnessed someone eating a hamburger (with a bun) like they'd eat any other piece of meat--with a fork and knife.

Ok. It's one thing to cut a burger in half. But to slice the burger bit by bit like it's filet mignon or something is just downright offensive. At least to an American.

"But I'll get my hands messy," was the defensive Swiss reply, as my friend put a delicate slice of hamburger in his mouth and then stabbed a french fry with his fork.

I sighed, unwilling to admit defeat despite being surrounded by six Swiss people. While I'll put up with the whole french fries with the fork thing, I put my foot down with it comes to a eating a burger on a bun with a knife and fork. That's plain sacrilege.

Luckily, my friend is very international in his outlook, and agreed to eat the meal like a true American. And that is one upstanding Swiss citizen. It was really an experience for him, eating this burger without utensils, and I was very proud of his courage.

But my since my Swiss friend really likes being the center of attention, eating a hamburger American style is just another trick to add to his show collection--as the rest of the Swiss people at our table were no doubt entertained to witness such a spectacle.

But after the meal was over, my friend insisted on washing his hands. Yes, it was time to come clean. And no one is better at doing that than the Swiss.

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Unknown said...

You must have caught my father-in-law in the fork-and-knife-on-burger act. Or any other Swiss in Silberkugel in Zurich for that matter!


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