Saturday, June 07, 2008

Total Chaos

Before I moved to Switzerland I thought, "what a nice quiet place to live."

I was wrong. Living in Switzerland is more like living in the center of the track at a non-stop NASCAR race.

Right now, there is a progression of non-stop honking and screaming due to a few EURO matches (that will go on until June 29) that is louder than anything I have ever experienced in New York City. And I'm not even living in Zurich. I'm living in a little spa town of 16,000 called Baden.

"Well, what do you expect, we do live in the center of town," my husband says.

And he's right. But give me a break. I lived in the center of Richmond, VA for 3 years before. And it was never this loud. The occasional gun shots, sure. The sirens of police cars and firetrucks every couple of hours. A few drunks on the weekends. But never have I experienced such a never-ending series of parties, loud music, never-ending construction projects, and crazy teenagers.

It wouldn't be so bad if these things weren't juxtaposed with strict rules of quietness--not flushing the toilet after 10pm. Not doing laundry on a Sunday. Not recycling a bottle after 8 pm. Please. Give me a break. What about the construction workers that start using a jackhammer before 7 am right outside my window? What about the non-stop party last August where I couldn't sleep for 10 nights straight due to obnoxious blasted music and screaming people? What about carnival, where brass bands that only know one song are allowed to play it all night long for a week on the streets?

As I write this, it's after 11.30 pm. And there's no telling when it will be quiet enough to sleep. Why I went to the doctor yesterday to get my ears cleaned out is anyone's guess. Thank God we're headed to Norway in a few days. I've had all the screaming, honking, banging, and jackhammering that my nerves can take.

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