Monday, June 30, 2008

Feet up, economy-style

I have to say on Friday I experienced a first. Having an exit row seat on an international flight. It was great. It was not really a window seat, because there was just the wall and a big slide cover in the way of my space, but the great part was, I could put my feet up on it. And I could get up to use the bathroom without disturbing the two women next to me. What an experience.

Flying KLM is nice because when you check in online, you can acutally choose an exit row seat right there and then. Every flight I've flown with them and checked in online I have gotten an exit row seat. That's three exit row flights! I wanted to get out my camera to take a photo of my feet up in economy class but I was just too tired to do so. So you'll just have to imagine.


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