Monday, January 12, 2009

Cross Country Skiing in Switzerland

My new strategy to look good while skiing this winter (besides my new Spyder ski suit) was to do it the real Illinois way--cross-country style. After all, I grew up cross country skiing on an Illinois country club golf course. If anyone should be the master of the flat lands, it should be me.

But yesterday, as a retiree passed me for the third time on a 10k loop while cross-country skiing in Einsiedeln, l realized I was doomed to ever pass anything Swiss on skis. Even the woman at the ski shop called me a "beginner"--before she even had seen me in action.

So I comforted myself by taking picture breaks and enjoying the views.

Besides, there's more to do in Einsiedeln besides ski. There's a huge monastery located there and by huge I mean by European standards, not Swiss ones. More on that tomorrow.


cadiz12 said...

i totally remember that birthday party you had back in the day when we all went cross-country skiing. i had never done it before and i was SO SORE the next day!

hey, isn't it your birthday tomorrow? happy birthday!

Chantal said...

That's hilarious. I remember how cold everyone was! What a way to celebrate, ha ha. Only something I could come up with :)

Thanks for the b-day wishes.

Jenni said...

When your birthday's in January you have to be creative! Love birthdays that involve skiing, swimming or the hot tub.

Chantal said...

Hot tub is a good idea! Hmm. No time for the Baden spa today, but maybe this week!

Unknown said...

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