Wednesday, January 07, 2009

American Grocery Store, I Will Not Forget Thee

After squeezing through the tiny aisles of the Swiss grocery store, Coop, yesterday and almost being run over by a non-customer friendly shelf stocker, I began pining for the gigantic food store on steroids that is the typical American grocery store, where my personal space can be the size of an entire Swiss canton.
My first visit to the local Chicago area Dominick's after being away never fails to be awe inspiring. I mean look at the sign above. I can't help but exclaim over entire aisles for chips and soads and just the sheer amount of choices available--not to mention helpful aisle signs that tell me whether the items in its particular aisle are suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in case I get overwhelmed. Wow. It's not that I totally forget about all of this. It's just that after shopping in Swiss grocery stores the size of some American closets, it's easy to lose your perspective.
Plus there are always interesting new improvements every year, like cup-holders in shopping carts that could hold a drink larger than one that could fit in my Swiss fridge. Americans have so much. I don't think they always appreciate it all, not to mention the convenience of so many prepared foods.

So I took photos to look back on some day, when I'm a real American resident again, and forget just how amazing for example, this set of ready-made gingerbread men are, where all I have to do is open the box, take out the decorating materials, put a raisin on a cookie, and call that cooking.


Jessica said...

ahhh sweet variety... sweet excess... how I miss thee, let me count the ways... ;)

Chantal said...

yes, i really miss thee already!

Leigh said...

Have you been to the Coop in Sihlcity in Zurich? It's REALLY big--just about American size, though it's no Walmart sized place. It's way bigger than any other coop I've seen.

herryon said...

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