Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tales of a Sandwich Sufferer

Boy do I miss sub sandwiches. Piled high with anything and everything you could possibly want, they would tower over the typical Swiss sandwich, making the poor little thing cower in its shadow.

I don’t mean to be a sandwich snob, but every time I order a sandwich at a bakery in Switzerland, I always walk away disappointed.

For instance, today I was starving. But it was after 1 p.m., so the choices of sandwiches were limited to ham, ham or ham. So I ordered ham. And that’s what I got. No tomatoes. No cheese. Not even a sliver of lettuce. What I got for SFr 7.20 was two slices of bread. With a piece of ham.

I guess I should have been rejoicing in the fact that I could even purchase a sandwich at such an hour (not to mention get exactly what I ordered despite my crappy German), but the meager ham sandwich was still quite the letdown, even after almost three years of Swiss sandwich suffering.

Usually I am happy for the small, reasonable Swiss portions in comparison to fat American food. But when it comes to the sandwich, well, I just can’t help but miss the days at my old office in Richmond, VA, where I could be at a Subway in 2 minutes, piling my sandwich as high as my dreams allowed.


Tina said...

My husband suffers from the same exact sad feeling. He eats a sandwich almost everyday at home. Sandwich shops know his name at home he eats them so often.

I also hate the choices you get. There is not even variations to the bread!

I think that small piece of ham was just "flavoring" to the baguette!

Chantal said...

Glad to know I'm not alone in the world of sandwich suffering.

Leigh said...

Yeah, I went to the take away co-op near us where I read they had "gourmet" sandwiches. Ugh, I was disappointed. I think it's just one of the differences with American dining. The sandwiches in Europe are quite sparse. When I went to dublin and ordered a turkey club, it had butter and turkey only between the bread. I haven't spent too much time in Richmond but love Cary Street. My mom and step dad used to live in Gloucester (not sure if you know where that is, but it's near Newport News) so we'd go to Cary Town often and check out the shops. I love Virginia. We'd also take the Colonial Pkwy to Williamsburg sometimes. What a pretty drive, especially in the Fall. I used to work for Nancy Thomas for a while, if you happen to know who she is--a folk artist in VA.

Leigh said...

I saw a Subway in Zurich near the HB Not sure if you know of it already or how often you're in Zurich, but when we walked by it had that same classic Subway smell that all Subways have.


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