Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Find (and Lose) a Job in Switzerland

I came to Switzerland as a trailing spouse who never planned on becoming a Hausfrau. I found a job in Zurich. I lost a job in Zurich (thanks, economy!). But that's where you benefit. Because I have become a Switzerland job searching (and losing) expert. I've written about finding a job in Switzerland. I've written about losing a job in Switzerland. I've even talked about it on the radio. Here, I've rounded up all my knowledge in hopes that it might help you:


How to Find a Job in Switzerland
Here you'll find 10 online resources for finding a job in Switzerland. Included are sites especially for those in finance, communications, academia, as well as general job searching sites.

Trailing Spouse Advice on Finding a Job in Switzerland
How I found my Swiss job and tips for finding yours. Hint: start looking before you move.

How to Land an International Assignment
You're Young. You're starting your career. You want to move abroad. What to do first.


Laid off in Switzerland? What to do First.
Five things you should do first upon getting laid off from a Swiss company.

A Three Month Sentence
An essay about getting laid off, Swiss style.

The Living Layoff
A Four-Part Radio Series about what happens when you get laid off but still have to keep going to work.
(email me if you'd like the audio files, blogger makes them difficult to post)


Unknown said...

wow! thanks for shairng your experiences!

great stuff!

love your hand-painted picture at the top!

Chantal said...

Thanks. The One Big Yodel artwork was done by Michael Wright.

MP said...

Thank you, thank you for this post! My husband has the opportunity to move to Bern and the little lady and I will be coming with. However as she's almost 18 mos. finding something outside the house is becoming more appealing. Thanks for giving us places to start looking!

Great blog by the way. I've been reading for a few weeks now gaining some insight to Switzerland. Your work on is great too!

Chantal said...

Thanks for the compliments and good luck with your move.

mursya said...

please, tell me that I can find a job here with my good English and not good German. I am starting to give up :(


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