Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Outdoors in Switzerland: Slideshow

Pictured Above: a trail over the town of Ennetbürgen

There's no doubt about it--Switzerland is best enjoyed outdoors. Thousands of hiking trails, hundreds of vineyard strolls, and tens of lake boats await. Unfortunately, some places in Switzerland, like Zurich, get more rain than London, but when the weather cooperates, there's no more beautiful place on earth.

If you need proof or just need help deciding where in Switzerland to go on a beautiful day like today, have a look at my slideshow: Outdoors in Switzerland. It was published yesterday on National Geographic's


M'dame Jo said...

I have a naive question... when you say that Zurich gets more rain than London, do you mean it as a joke or did you actually see stats saying it rains more in Zurich?

Either way, Léman's lakeside weather is another reason why you choose the wrong place in Switzerland. That,having people staring at you when your hair's wet, or picking up serious laundry fights ;-)

Chantal said...

No, if you check world climate data you can see that Zurich gets more rain than London--it averages about 42 inches a year vs. 30.

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