Monday, March 15, 2010

The Swiss Chocolate Taste Test

You haven't really lived in Switzerland until you have done an official chocolate taste test. Thanks to my sister, recent visitor and ultimate tourist, my first Swiss chocolate taste test has been completed with the following result: My taste buds suck.

Her test consisted of blindly tasting various versions of dark chocolate to determine my preferred percentage of cacao: 50%, 60%, 70%, 85%, or 90%.

Results: the only chocolate I guessed correctly was 90% but not surprisingly, I liked them all. My favorite was the Lindt 70%.

Have you done a Swiss chocolate taste test? Do you need an excuse? I could use another one. So what are your favorite Swiss chocolates?


Anonymous said...

I tried 100% cacao for the first time at Steven and Anna's the other night. Yowzers. It's a bitter kick in the mouth.

mrsmac said...

not yet. but i want to do a taste between lindt chocolate sold in america and here. i hear they are different.

Chantal said...

Kelly, I didn't even know they sold 100%. Will have to try that as well.

Mrs. Mac, that's a fantastic idea. Will do that as soon as I can get a hold of some U.S. Lindt. I hear it has preservatives unlike the Swiss chocolate.

Cherrye Moore said...

Oooh, I've never tried the test. I know you guys have some chocolate over there, though, that my husband is crazy for. Sure wish I could find that in Italy!

Cherrye (

Chantal said...

Hi Cherrye,

The Swiss wouldn't need to eat 12 kilos of chocolate per person per year if they had as much good regular food as the Italians!

mrschlosser said...

After almost 15 years here, I oddly enough to some opt for Hershey's. Guess the Swiss chocolate is too refined for me.

Chantal said...

Don't feel bad. I asked my sister to bring me some Reese's Pieces...

Why the Swiss have not realized that chocolate with peanut butter is a good thing is still beyond me.

mrschlosser said...

I don't even feel badly -- it's just hard to explain to the Swiss. Sort of like the peanut butter thing. Lindt does make Lindor balls with peanut butter for marketing in the US, but never here. That said, I'm still exporting the red Lindor balls to my sister in the US. She says they taste different, and the story I was told is that it's because of the different diet of the cows in Pennsylvania....

Chantal said...

Speaking of tasting different, now I really do want to test Lindt U.S. versus Lindt Switzerland. Maybe your sister could import to us some U.S. Lindt? She apparently wants nothing to do with it anyway. :)

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