Saturday, January 04, 2014

Swiss Tourism at its Best

In Switzerland, everything has its place. Tourists. Trash. And apparently, the combination of the two.

So while the tourist may not have to take their glass to the bins by the river or take their plastic to the grocery store or tie their paper with string every six weeks and leave it outside their door, if they are visiting Einsiedeln, they still have a specific place they must put their trash:

Put your trash in its place, tourists!


Hattie said...

They just know tourists are too lazy and disorganized to sort their trash before they throw it away. Of course, unless they read German, they won't know that that bin is specifically for their use.
Reminds me of the handicapped parking meters I used to see that charged extra because they were bigger than regular spots. I guess if you were too handicapped to put money in the meter you would get a ticket.

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