Thursday, January 23, 2014

12 Keywords That Bring You Here, Part I

The Frau isn’t really into analytics, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the Google version. Especially when it tells her how people like you end up here. Over the next two weeks, The Frau will explore 12 interesting keywords that yodelers are using to arrive at One Big Yodel, along with a short commentary and links to other blog posts on these oh, so popular topics.

Life in Switzerland for foreigners

All roads lead to The Frau
Oh, here is the keyword search that sums up The Frau’s entire Swiss experience and blog. Well done, Google searchers! Here are some additional posts you might like:

Why is Switzerland so rich

Great question, searchers. Well, for one thing, the Swiss buy Swiss. They support themselves whenever possible. It’s a nice concept. But very expensive. Click on the link below for more.

Giving birth in Switzerland

How does Google know? Yes, The Frau gave birth in Switzerland. Welcome, future mothers.  You may find a few posts below interesting. Swiss hospitals are very supportive. Just don’t order the sausage salad and you’ll have a pleasant experience.

Reka Checks

Why yes, Google, The Frau will do anything to save money in Switzerland. And Reka Checks are perfect for saving up to 20% on things like train tickets, hotels, and ski lifts. Here are some posts for the Reka-curious:

Buy Christmas Tree Zürich

The Frau has brought a lot of things home on a bus. A Christmas tree. A carpet. Her brand new baby. But she digresses, quick answer for "Buy Christmas Tree Zürich": The Frau buys her Christmas tree at the Jumbo Hardware store because they start selling trees around Thanksgiving (end of November) and she doesn’t have the patience to wait until the week before Christmas when they sell them right below her building.

Swiss blggers

Not sure why so many people spell bloggers without the “o” but thanks, Google, The Frau learns something every day. Is The Frau a Swiss blgger or an American blgger? Or is she stuck somewhere between both worlds? For more Swiss blgs, check out the links below.

Stay tuned for six more great keyword searches next week...


Anonymous said...

I really must thank you for that post about Reka Checks. I saved some money on the GA and now I am spreading this little money saver trick to everyone I know! You are making a lot of people happy, believe me!

Chantal said...

Great, good to know. Keep your francs in the banks!


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