Thursday, January 30, 2014

12 Interesting Keywords Yodelers Use to End Up Here, Part 2

The Frau isn’t really into analytics but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the Google version. Especially when it tells her how people like you end up here. In this second of two installments, The Frau will explore six additional keywords yodelers are using to arrive at One Big Yodel, along with a short commentary and links to other blog posts on that oh, so popular topic.

Hairdresser wages in Switzerland

The Frau did an unscientific Swiss salary survey not too long ago. Hairdressers do not rank high on the survey and The Frau has been wondering about this ever since. After all, a regular haircut can cost about CHF 100 for a woman and CHF 50 for a man with hardly any hair...  Find out more about salaries in Switzerland here:

Healthcare in Switzerland vs. United States

Yes, The Frau often compares things between the U.S. and Switzerland, so click below, fellow yodelers with inquiring minds on the topic.

C-permit Switzerland benefits

Oh, that ever-defining C-permit.. The Frau loves hers because a C-permit in Switzerland means you’re a permanent resident and gives you most everything you probably wanted including permission to work, change jobs, and avoid having to fill out paperwork every single year just to continue to live here. But she went through quite a lot to get hers:

Why do Swiss live so long

Here’s a short answer: because they have an amazing public transportation system. This means less people are driving and more are walking. The Swiss certainly do not have long lives based on their eating habits. Cheese, 23 pounds of chocolate a year, and sausage do not a long lifespan make. But walking to the bus stop does.

Are the Swiss rude

Oh…would The Frau talk about such a thing on her blog? Apparently yes, according to Google. But here’s the thing. The Swiss aren’t really rude. They just have different ideas about politeness in comparison to English speakers. Because things English speakers consider rude, like cutting in line at the ski lift, the Swiss consider assertive.

Better to live in Zurich or London

Zurich gets more rain than London. But it also has nicer air to breathe. Decisions, decisions. 

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