Sunday, August 17, 2008

Biking for Bio

Yesterday, after doing my traditional Saturday 3-grocery-store rush, my husband and I decided to go to two more little stores--up at the top of Baldegg, a small mountain which the Swiss probably classify as a tiny hill.

Whatever the case, I decided to brave the climb by foregoing the bus and doing it on my bike. And I actually surprised myself by making it--easily. I guess that's what a 5-Seen-Wanderung (see previous post) will do for you.

Today I ran for an hour without barely breaking a sweat. Wow. One hike in the Alps and I'm suddenly Olympic quality.

Anyhow, the two stores at the top of Baldegg are organic farm stores, or what the Swiss call "bio" (BEE-oh). They are tiny, one room places that don't even have a person working in them, just a box for your money. The one store even leaves out lots of change and a calculator for you to add up your purchases and take correct change. (They obviously are unaware of the crime level in this area--see previous posts).

Anyhow, we bought some Swiss plums, apples, and yogurt, strapped them onto our bikes and rode down the mountain. It was a pleasant and very Swiss way to finish off the afternoon.


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