Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Cost of Living in Switzerland

For anyone considering moving to Switzerland (or just visiting for awhile), here is a general run-down of the cost of living:

Rent, average 2-bedroom apartment, 1500 CHF-month

Rent, large penthouse 2-bedroom apartment, 2500 CHF-month

High-Speed Internet, 45 CHF-month

Heat, Electricity and Water (2-bedroom apt), 60 CHF-month

1,5 Liter Bottle of Coke from Grocery Store 2.30 CHF

2 Liters of Milk 3 CHF

Loaf of Bread 3 CHF

10 Eggs 3 CHF

Gas 1.85 CHF per liter ($7.00 a gallon)

Yearly Transport Pass in Switzerland 2,900 CHF

Average Price for a 15-minute train ride 20 CHF

Cost of a first-class stamp for a letter within Switzerland 1 CHF

Cost of a first-class stamp for a letter to the USA 1.80 CHF

Cost to mail a small package to USA first class 35 CHF

Average Lunch Entrée 20 CHF

Average Dinner Entrée 30 CHF

Average Price for glass of water in restaurant 5 CHF

Average Hotel Room 190 CHF

Average Monthly Salary (for a Swiss Man) 6,650 CHF

Box of Laundry Detergent 12 CHF

Large Package of Toilet Paper 11 CHF

Chocolate Bar 1.50 CHF

Housecleaner 20 CHF/hour

Pair of Nike Running Shoes 180 CHF

Tuition at International High School (per year) 30,000 CHF

Am I missing anything important you need to know about? Leave a comment.


Brigitte said...

Hello, I have just read your post and I think you forgot to mention the costs for the health insurance.
And the rent for apartments is only so expensive in cities. For Fr. 1500.00 you can get a 3 or even a 4 bedroom apartment in a village.

Have a nice day

Chantal said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, health insurance can be expensive although we don't have to use Swiss health insurance since we have U.S. coverage. So please feel free to comment on that cost.

JessKAH said...

The cost of the trash bags in Bern (the ones you must have if you want your trash picked up): Fr. 17 for ten or so 35-liter bags.

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