Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Picking in the Rain

On Saturday we went flower picking in the rain with our Swiss neighbor. We went to two different fields—one in Freienwil and one near Kirchdorf. For some reason, I love picking flowers from a field myself but then I get home and find I can’t arrange them at all.

Anyhow, it was fun to bond with our neighbor and discuss our favorite colors. She’s a deep pink kind of person while I’m an orange one. (Well, my favorite color is blue, but flowers don’t usually come in that color).

Anyhow, I cut five gladiolas and 10 dahlias. Now cutting flowers in Switzerland isn’t cheap, (because what is?) but it’s the experience you pay for as much as the flowers. Nothing like cutting a yellow gladiola in a downpour to the tune of cow bells and the feeling of muddy Birkenstocks.

When I was in Chicago in July, I remember seeing big bouquets of 10 gladiolas on sale for $3 at the farmer’s market. But in Switzerland, they cost the equivalent of $1.10 a flower—and that’s if you cut them yourself. But then again, they’re Swiss Qualität—which means they are guaranteed to do one thing—last about one day before wilting or molding—both hallmarks of Swiss products.

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