Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tips for recovering lost or stolen items in Switzerland

Obviously I am not an authority, since our stolen items have still not been recovered, but since all I’ve been doing this week is trying to get our stuff back and collecting the best ways to do that from various sources, I thought I’d share the information for anyone else that finds themselves in a similar situation.

1. Fill out the claim form from your Kanton police’s website (unfortunately it will only be in the language of the Kanton that you live in.) Here, for example is the link to the form in the Kanton of Aargau:

Aargau Police Theft Report Form

2.Register your loss with the following places (depending on your situation):

The Switzerland Lost and Found: (in German)
The Switzerland Lost and Found

Register your keys or look at images of lost keys at: (in German)
Key Finder

Report your lost items with the Swiss Train System (SBB):
SBB Lost and Found(in English!)

Report your loss to your local city: (example here is for Baden)
Baden Lost and Found

Check lost and founds of Bus networks:
Address for RVBW (Baden area): Bahnhofplatz 1, Baden, Tel. 056 222 19 19

3. When all else fails, feel free to cry.

And if anyone else reading this has other tips, please add your comments.


Susan May said...

Oh, I am so sorry. What a hassle. I hope you recover your things.

Chantal said...

Two things were turned in to the lost and found yesterday--both were useless as we had replaced them anyhow, but it gave us tips based on where they were found that the thief dumped the stuff he didn't want in the river. So maybe something else will wash up. Who knows. We're crossing our fingers!

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