Friday, August 01, 2008

How Swiss are You?

In honor of Swiss Independence Day today, I have included some information I read about in "Blick am Abend" about the average Swiss citizen. I found it all very interesting.

The average Swiss citizen has been married for eight years, lives in a 4-room apartment, and owns a blue sofa.

The average Swiss wife gives up her career chances due to a lack of child day care and day-long school days. She is not happy about this.

The average wife cleans, cooks, and does laundry totaling an average of 53 hours a week (wow, this puts me to shame...) while the average man does housework for 26 hours a week. (And now we know why Swiss apartments are spotless and why our neighbor can't believe our mess).

The average man ears 6650 Francs a month (6353 USD). The wife contributes 2200 Francs (2102 USD) per month. For an average household income of 8850 Francs (8455 USD) a month.

Due to Swiss budgets, most entertainment consists of hiking in the mountains since that is free.

The Swiss spend a lot of money on food as they are "quality conscious".

90% shop at Migros or Coop (well, there really are no other stores...) and spend 5895 Francs on groceries a year.

99% of Swiss wash their hands after going to the bathroom. What more could you want to know?

Happy Swiss Independence Day!

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