Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama Wins Europe

If the U.S. election were today, it seems that no matter what country was voting, that Obama would be the winner.

The most recent poll on CNN shows 53% of Americans for Obama and 45% of Americans for McCain.

In 20 Minuten, Zürich’s free morning paper, the numbers are even higher for Obama:

Netherlands: 95% for Obama

Germany: 85% for Obama

France, Spain, Australia: 75% for Obama

Switzerland: 68% for Obama

This makes me wonder what is holding Americans back in comparison? Racism? Love of mavericks? I’d be interested to hear comments from readers.


Chantal said...

Thanks for your comments, glad you like the blog.

I also think people vote on personal issues that shouldn't even be presented--like abortion--instead of looking at the global picture.

Matt Morelli said...

You can add the United Kingdom to the list of European countries who are overwhelmingly in favour of Obama. That might have something to do with media coverage of McCain being almost non-existent.

Chantal said...

That's a good point about the media coverage. Although in Switzerland there seems to be enough coverage of Palin.

Chantal said...

Another good comment someone made when we were discussing this was that Europeans can separate themselves from the religious part of it. This is something that all Americans should do but don't.

Jenni said...

Palin has probably been getting more news coverage here at home than Obama, McCain and Biden combined. She was on the cover of newseek again last week. It's great to see women moving up in politics, but I'm a bit concerned when someone has barely ever left the country.

Chantal said...

I completely agree. When I read the New York Times, all the editorials are on Palin. While most are not complimentary, it is crazy how much coverage she gets!

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