Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Travel Inspired Dinner

Whew. One does not know tired until they have spent the entire day trying to brainstorm ideas in another language--even with a bit of English thrown in here and there for much needed clarification.

Anyhow, on my way home via a 7-minute late train (the horror), I got inspired by several travel essays. One talked about chocolate in Venezuela and the other about wine and ham in Spain.

So needless to say, I headed straight to the grocery store after getting off the train (yes, it was my lucky night since the stores aren't usually open at 7.30pm) and bought what else--ham and chocolate. (Nothing like a good travel essay to inspire me to buy three tiny pieces of ham for 6,50 CHF.)

Anyhow, I poured myself some apple wine and enjoyed a tapas-style plate of ham, bread, Asiago cheese and some genuine Spanish clementines. Yum. To finish off my dinner masterpiece I tried some Lindt chocolate filled with toasted almonds (sadly, only available in the fall, so hurry!)

I highly recommend this meal to end any stressful day.


Jessica said...

I am going to buy that chocolate. It sounds delicious.

You should definately get a raclette. I think it is sort of a Swiss inspired tapas meal.

Potatoes. Cheese. Gerkins. Yum.

Chantal said...

Yes, we were cheapskates and bought our raclette grill from the second-hand store. Couldn't quite see paying CHF 100-200 for one despite the greatness of melted cheese on a plate.

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