Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spa by Candlelight

I was happy to find out last night that Spa by Candlelight is back from October through April at the Baden Thermalbad (on Friday and Saturday nights). It’s really quite the experience, sitting outside on a cool autumn night in a hot pool of mineral water watching the rising steam frame the moon while jets massage your every muscle. Adding candlelight just makes it well, all the more orgasmic.

Unfortunately since I was there on a Monday night, I had to make due with just various versions of bubbling mineral water, but still it was wonderful. I almost felt like I was on vacation, slipping into the old days when I was still in the honeymoon phase of the expat experience.

Of course, in Switzerland, even relaxing is done on a timetable. Every two minutes a light and bell go off, and you must move to the next jet or receive a disapproving look from the person behind you. But last night the bell was broken and the people behind me were speaking Spanish, so the atmosphere was a little more casual.

After I got out of the pool and the towel guy wrapped a hot towel around me, I couldn’t help but think, even after two years living in Switzerland, I am still amazed that this spa experience can be had a mere ten minutes from my apartment.


cam said...

That sounds amazing! I've heard there are quite a few baths in my area, but I've yet to go find them. It's definitely on my November to-do list!

Chantal said...

Check them out! The best time to go is the winter.

Jessica said...

I think I am going to take Sarah to this... what do you think????

Chantal said...

Great idea. All my guests I've taken have LOVED it! And I forgot to mention, it's only CHF 16. A bargain for Switzerland!

Jenni said...

I loved the "shpah" in Baden...I think the candlelight in fall would be fantastic...even in the lobster pot!

Chantal said...

Yes. Gotta love the lobster pot (i.e. the jacuzzi-like tubs that are in the middle of the spa pools).

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James said...

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