Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To the dentist in Switzerland? No way.

The average Swiss citizen ate 12.3 kg (27 pounds) of chocolate in 2007. And with new and exciting choices like toasted almond and chocolate mousse chocolate bars who can blame them? But the crazy part is:
1. The Swiss are still as skinny as rails.
2. Despite this known gluttony, the Swiss do not typically have dental insurance.

Not surprisingly, dentists in Germany can’t wait to capitalize on such a sugar-hungry population—especially one that comes complete with exorbitant dental fees and no insurance to cover them. The solution?

Zum Zahnarzt nach Deutschland. (To the dentist in Germany).

This ad, hanging in the S12 train in Zurich, even advertises a free consultation when you come to this friendly German dentist. And since most Swiss people are not used to free things, this novelty alone will probably be enough for many to take the 45-minute trip abroad.

Other people, like myself, practice the “Zum Zahnarzt nach den USA” strategy. And then there are those like my husband, who choose the extremely budget-friendly method of foregoing any dental visit at all.


Unknown said...

Is the same system used by for UK dental patients seeking cheaper dental treatment abroad

Chantal said...

That's funny. Seems like everyone's on an extended journey to the dentist!

Jenni said...

Just like you can have your knee replacement done at a medical spa in Indonesia at a 3rd of the price of having it done here in the USA?

Even with health insurance, some of the people I work with wait until their annual trip to visit their families (in Mexico, Uzbekistan, Morocco, wherever) to get medical work done becuase it's cheaper.

Chantal said...

Yeah, it's not a new concept. I guess people are always trying to beat the system and get a better deal. Maybe it just seems funny in Switzerland because the most Swiss are so country loyal.


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