Friday, March 13, 2009

Shopping in Germany on

Every time I go to Deutschland to do a little shopping, I can't help but enjoy myself.

Big stores. More choices. Cheaper prices. What could be better?

To read all about shopping in Germany, visit my latest write up on

Some prices to consider at the Famila in Waldshut, Germany (a direct train ride away from Baden):

American-sized bag of tortilla chips (no, really it's LARGE!!) = 1,99 EUR
Package of fajitas = 1,99 EUR
Chocolate chip cookies that really taste American (They are called Griesson Chocolate Mountain) = .79 EUR
Honey Nut Flakes Cereal = 1,59 EUR

Read more about the greatness of German shopping here on Swissinfo.


Amanda said...

Here in Au, St. Gallen, we experience a similar phenomenon. Many people in this area go across the border to Austria and shop at Lidl or Interspar. It's funny that you mention ice cream because that is the number one item on our list when we go to Lidl!!

Chantal said...

I only wish I didn't have a freezer the size of a shoebox!

M'dame Jo said...

I don't know where to post my comment... I've read several posts, on sport shoes, prices, amazon and stuff and what I want to say doesn't really fit anywhere.

So, it may be slightly off topic amd messy...

It's really interesting to read expat's blogs and even though I'm swiss, I follow a couple of such blogs - even though I'd like more expats in the french part ;-)

Anyhow... I think the whole "choice in shops/I like it better back home" it has a lot to do with our habits growing up. It's actually quite funny to watch.

I spent a few months in San Francisco and I had a hard time finding food. After investigating a few weeks, I ended up buying my stuff at 3 or 4 different places to get tasty stuff.

Bread's too soft, yogurt too gelatinous and tastes like chalk , veggies look good but taste like water, almost everything was "too", too sweet, too fat, too salty, too weird. Except the "simple" products that don't taste like anything.

And who cares - and who has the time - about having to choose between 23 sorts of toilet papers or scented tampons? Or 50 types of sodas when the only 2 available mineral water taste so poorly?

Trader's Joe's ok for many things, but bread and dairies, urgh. So, well, I turned to Whole Foods. Great place, lots of good - many imported - things - even if the bread and dairies are not good either, but makes you regret the prices at the COOP....

So, well, eating out... if you add the tax and the tip, I don't find that it's /that/ much cheaper... and I cannot eat asian food more than 3 times a week! I wouldn't trade my COOP for any of the groceries stores I've seen in California...

I do shop for sport shoes and jeans when I travel to the US, much cheaper and I LOVE THE SIZING. I'm a medium, yeah! Not a "I'm sorry, that's the biggest pant size we have in store". Love love it.

One thing that I find ridiculous is the size of the shampoo bottle in Europe. It totally make sense to sell shampoo in big bottles, the 250ml ones don't last long enough (the trick is to order salon bottles online.)

Also, I think you cannot compare the swiss and american products choice (hence prices), the size of these two markets (among many other factors) is not comparable... Even though I don't get why Nike shoes that are manufactured by underpayed Chinese people anyway are than much more expensive here.

Hem, I think I digressed to much and the tiny size of the comment window makes it hard to reread.

M'dame Jo said...

Wow, that was long ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would love chantal to comment on the last post! He had some good points there! :) kathy

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