Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swiss Police: Stop That Fun

I wrote about those great Native American (or Peruvian or whatever country you prefer to imagine they came from) Flute Bands a couple posts back. No matter where you go in Switzerland, not to mention in Europe, these guys give us a sense of constancy on a continent with an otherwise changing cultural landscape.

So imagine my excitement when these guys appeared once again in the square below my balcony for the second Saturday in a row. I was enjoying some of those great melodies that we all know when all of a sudden, the music abruptly stopped.

I ran outside and looked down and saw the party poopers, otherwise known as The Swiss Police.

My husband, not wanting to miss a rare moment of conflict in Switzerland, ran downstairs and innocently passed by. The police were asking these guys for their "Bewilligung" and these poor musicians didn't know what the heck that was. I guess their Swiss German wasn't up to par, which just goes to prove these guys really are authentic. Whatever that authenticity or nationality may be.

But since these South-North-East-West Native Americans musicians had no permit to show the police, they were sent packing in shame. The screaming children in the square though, were allowed to stay.

I knew I should have bought a CD when I had the chance.


Young Traveler said...

Hilarious. And classic Swiss.

Chantal said...

Totally classic. I mean music is so illegal.

Unknown said...

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