Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blame it on the Böögg

Do you ever find yourself apologizing for Switzerland’s weather to visitors?

They always want to know how the weather will be during the specific time they will be visiting.

“June,” they prod me, “it must be nice in June.”

Sadly, my answer is usually the same.

“Sorry. But it will probably be cold. With a 95% chance of rain.”

I hate to be negative. But even most Swiss people agree that their weather is terrible.

To read more about my musings about the generally crappy Swiss weather, visit Blame it on the Böögg featured this week on


Tina said...

Yes! I am always so sad when the weather is bad and people are here to enjoy the scenery. I'm pointing to the clouds saying, "Well, on a clear day you could see the amazing Alps..... Sorry!"

Chantal said...

In three years there has only been two sets of visitors to get a nice stretch of weather. One of them came in July. The other in September. Both instances were in 2006. The weather's really gone downhill since then :(

mesothelioma said...

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