Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sneakers für Freaks

On Page 21 of today's Blick am Abend newspaper, there's a section showing off colorful gym shoes and their coordinating bold prices.

For any friend or family member back home (hi mom!) that always wonders why I have to stuff my suitcase filled with new running shoes (along with many other various items) in the U.S., these prices will explain it all:

The featured Nikes cost SFr 199-220.
The featured Adidas cost SFr 190-200.

When I was in Chicago three months ago, I went to the Nike store at the Chicago Outlet Mall and bought a pair of Nike running shoes for $32 with tax. Upon coming home, I realized I had bought the wrong size. So I returned them a week later, was given a 20% coupon for my trouble (Customer service. I had almost forgotten about the concept), and bought the correct pair for a total of $25 with tax.

Anyhow, with the going rates in Switzerland for a comfortable pair of shoes, I could have bought six pairs of these Nikes for the price of one in Switzerland. I mean, I know people make a bit more money here, but still. Seems a little freaky to me.


mrsmac said...

Totally agree! After 9 months I am still shocked by prices. Does that ever go away?

Young Traveler said...

I brought all kinds of crazy things back with me, including a brand new pair of Asics GT-2130's for a cool $54 (incl. tax).

What do they run in Zurich? 279 CHF.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I could not agree more -- that's roughly..... insane!! Love the title of this post ;)

Chantal said...

What gets me is that the prices still shock me even after almost 3 years of living here. What does that say?! People here have no idea how much they are overcharged.

JuanitaTortilla said...

Call me a cheapskate, but I find it mind-boggling how people here just spend, and spend, and are ever-ready to spend! (And spend some more!)

Now, let's discuss about eating out...

Is this what we call "High Quality of Life"?

Chantal said...

Yes, eating out is also outrageous. But people here think nothing of spending SFr 25 or more on a lunch that isn't even very good. I still feel bad doing it. But I see no other options for dining out besides picking up a crappy sandwich with one and only one ingredient on them besides bread.


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