Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Entertainment in Switzerland: Housing Ads

I like reading the housing ads in Switzerland for three reasons:

1. The prices are so outrageous it's kind of entertaining. (4.5 room apartment in the middle of nowhere Aargau for SFr 844,000? Oh and that doesn't include a garage...that's an extra SFr 25,000).

2. I can understand most of the text.

3. You come across gems like this:

Come on, really. Who can resist a Geak Apero...Not to mention the art direction on this ad really matches my English translation of such a thing.


My Brand New Swiss Life said...

Sooo funny.

They now have billboards out advertising/promoting Swiss bread. As if they are importing it from other countries & there is competition? Oh Switzerland.

Chantal said...

That's funny. I like the Swiss butter ads too. Like the Swiss would buy any other kind of butter...

erika said...

I work in advertising, Chantal, and I can totally appreciate this! My favorite was an ad I saw when I was traveling through Australia for a "whipper snipper" (apparently that's Australian for lawn mower) :)

Chantal said...

Erika, that's a great one. I love foreign ads!

Unknown said...

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marko said...

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