Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trailing Spouse, Moi?

Yesterday I was interviewed over at Beyond the Gray, which is a fabulous blog about living your most inspired life. I highly recommend checking it out if at some point in your life (at home or abroad) you found yourself struggling to achieve or to redefine your dreams. Maybe you'll relate to my story.

As a trailing spouse, identity can be a tough thing (because if you're like me, that last thing you want to be called is a "trailing spouse"). But if the career you had before isn't going to work out abroad (or you lose yours via a layoff like me), maybe there's something else you'd love to do and try. Maybe, in fact, this is your big opportunity for that something you used to put on hold.

A good example of someone who reinvented herself abroad is Toma Haines, who used to work in marketing in the U.S., but has since lived in three European countries and created a business that fits her lifestyle and her love--antique shopping. This month, her business, The Antiques Diva, was featured in Travel & Leisure. Talk about a success story.

So. It can be done. Just takes some dreaming. (And possibly some insert country here bureaucracy). So check out Beyond the Gray. And don't forget to take a moment to win a book complete with a few essays by yours truly.

And in the meantime, did you feel like you lost your identity by moving abroad or losing a job?


The Antiques Diva™ said...


That's so sweet of you to mention me and my business!!! Moving overseas was my life dream, so when my husband was transferred to Europe I was over-the-top excited! But as excited as I was, moving overseas also meant a loss of the identity I previously wore - from Marketing Exec to unemployed trailing spouse. And while eating bon-bons was fun for a while, I quickly realized I wanted more than to be an expat wife et voila... The Antiques Diva was born!

It was an utter delight meeting you in person last month and getting the opportunity to spend a few days in Paris on your arm! I can't wait until our next adventure - diva style, bien sur!

Speaking of inspiring people, YOU inspire me! To be so young and to have had such success in the world of writing... someday when you're winning The Booker Prize I'll say "I knew her when!"


Deborah said...

Thanks for pointing me to this blog. Love the writing style and concept. Plus, your interview was tops!

Chantal said...

Thanks, glad you like Beyond the Gray!

Diva, bien sur! Paris was great. Can't wait for another Diva adventure in the new year.

Kristi said...

I can relate to the losing your identity thing. I thought, "wow, a 2 year vacation" but vacation is only vacation when you spend it with someone and do fun stuff.

As busy as I made myself, not having a set schedule that I could rely on and people around me was very challenging. This feeling started immediately after the boy started work.

Thus my new adventures in Intensive German 5 days a week. Is it irony that I am now looking forward to my time off? Can I get a little balance here?

Chantal said...

Glad you can relate. It's hard to find that balance.

m4ufree said...

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