Monday, October 12, 2009

Why the Swiss Care About Scottie Pippin

I was reading Blick am Abend the other day, when I saw the celebrity pages. And it got me thinking. Why do the Swiss care about the birthdays of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Smith, and Scottie Pippin? Could it be because they don't have any celebrities of their own? Read more about this phenomenon here.

As an American, I'm not even sure if I care about these people. Do you?


Yo said...

Hi, Chantal - I like your blog :)!
Actually, the Swiss have celebrities, and they are also very much aware that they are very local. That's why they ironically call them "cervelat prominenz" - as local as the cervelat sausages which are lovely, but are not known outside of the Confederation. My (Swiss) husband explained to me that all former Miss /Mister Switzerland are part of this category, also some models and singers.
The US celebrities are world famous, because the US show business is global. I am Bulgarian and I can assure you that our newspapers also inform us regularly how is Catherine Zeta-Jones doing :). It is human to gossip about other people, especially famous ones, but nowadays the internet reports about them faster then before. There is a hunger for more gossips and even Paris Hilton can not keep up with the demand. So the media produces more "stars" so they can report about their lives too. Think about Big Brother or Music/American Idol etc. As soon as there is demand there will be supply - if not local then international.

Chantal said...

Interesting, thanks for reading and glad you like the blog. I have never heard the term "cervelat prominez". That is very funny!

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