Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cleaning up after the Visitors

Whenever my mother-in law visits, she always freaks out about the amount of light in our apartment and what, more importantly, that light is doing to our living room furniture. So a few hours into her visit, our fine living room will look like a bunch of two-year olds have built forts, with mismatched blankets covering everything to prevent it from fading.

Unfortunately, she's been gone for a week, and thus the blankets have all been put away. So wouldn't you know it, I open the door just a crack for a few minutes to get some fresh air in here and we get another, less welcome visitor. This visitor has no shame and poops on both chairs and the carpet before trying to commit suicide by flying into glass. I finally trick him into leaving by throwing bread crumbs out the door. But he has done his damage to naturally everything but the easy-to-clean tile floor.

Since my husband is never around when shit happens, I decide what cleaning approach to go with this time as you long-time readers know, I am no stranger to poop in my living room. Since the Swiss are really fond of home cleaning treatments, and vinegar especially, I decide to try it, because who really knows clean better than the Swiss Hausfrau who cleans on average for 53 hours a week.

So I wipe some vinegar around with some paper towels and call it a day. After another day in Switzerland, I'm pooped. Literally.

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