Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gandria, a little piece of Italy in Switzerland

Gandria is a fishing village that hangs on a cliff over Lake Lugano an easy 30-minute boat ride away from Lugano. It's winding, narrow streets are charming and the food at Ristorante Antico even more so. A bonus is you can walk from Gandria back to Lugano via an "Olive Path", a beautiful, easy trial that winds along the lake and offers great views and history of olives as you walk.


Jessica said...

Yes I am also a fan of Gandria. We went there back in July and it was lovely. I recommend it. Very relaxing and I did not eat there but I have heard that the grottos there are very good quality.

Chantal said...

Gandria is definitely one of the undiscovered Swiss cities.

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