Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sixty Dollar McDonald's Dinner

The last night our visitors were here, we were all tired and weary from the Swiss Transportation Breakdown (see previous post) and my husband and I, now having been hosts for 10 nights, were in no mood to cook. So my mother-in-law offered to treat everyone to McDonald's. Little did she know exactly how nice her offer really was going to be.

Granted, it was dinner for six. And even from a grocery store, sixty dollars might not cover any kind of home-cooked meal in Switzerland involving meat. But still. How many Americans have spent sixty dollars at a McDonald's for a few Big Macs, a Happy Meal, and some sodas? Granted the ketchup packets added a dollar or two.

But at these prices, the paper napkins felt a bit silly. For an $11 Big Mac Meal, shouldn't we break out the cloth napkins and wear our Sunday best? I mean come on, McDonalds. Have a little class. A chandelier and some mood lighting might be in order too.

Needless to say, we were celebrated in another way. All the locals really got their fill of the "real" experience that night, surrounded by us loud Americans. And what else could they want (besides real a crystal glass to put their $5 soda in)? They wanted Americana and they got it. At a really nice price too.

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