Monday, September 07, 2009

One Big Yodel. Now with Yodeling.

It's about time that One Big Yodel really yodeled. And since I was trained as a singer (maybe you'll hear the opera overtones but I did my best to keep them minimal!) before I became a writer, I figure it is high time to combine the two. So instead of just writing about expat life today, here's a little blogging Karaoke. The words to the song are below in case you'd like to sing along. Maybe you'll recognize the melody. It's from The King and I.

Hello, Young Expats

When I think of expat life
I think about a time
When I ate a lot of cheese
And I drank a lot of wine

And the constant fog cloud
Was always overhead
And the bells clanged loud
While I laid in bed.

There are new expats now
Living in Switzerland
Looking hard for cheddar cheese

But I know that they’ll find it pre-packed at the Migros.
Thanks to expat bloggers who tell all. Like you. And me.

Hello, young expats, whoever you are
I hope your trash fines are few.
Tie your paper in bundles with string.
I’ve lived in Switzerland like you.

Be brave young expats and barge in the “line”
Be brave and ruthless and rude.
Fight to the front with Swiss attitude.
I’ve lived in Switzerland like you.

I know how it feels to be fast on your wheels
And to bike up the Alps easily.
But as you ascend and turn round the bend
You are passed by a retiree.

Don’t cry, young expats, whatever you do.
Don’t cry because you seem slow.

All of my memories are happy tonight.
I passed a Swiss on a hike.
I passed a Swiss on a hike, truth be told,
I passed a Swiss 5-year-old!

If you have a request for a song topic, please let me know and I'll do my best to create it on a future karaoke blog. If you're having trouble listening, let me know.


Susan said...

That was great! You have a very nice voice!

Kathy said...

Excellent. I loved the final verse!

Chantal said...

Thanks for listening!

nomaname said...

I think this could be a start to a film...! Fantastic - yes really nice voice.

Really enjoyed reading your blogs on Write-on.. hope you'll do some more?

Chantal said...

Hi Richard, hope to blog again sometime for Write-on. Really enjoyed blogging for them. Thanks for reading my blog as well. Glad you liked the song. More to come...

MP said...

Fantastic! My daughter started dancing around the LR when I was playing it. :)

Chantal said...

That's great. Thanks. Glad you both liked it.

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