Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Frau's Swiss German Lesson

The Frau gets a lot of Swiss German lessons these days. But they are often disguised as something else. Like a verse of the New Testament. 

Let The Frau explain.

See, for the last few months, Baby M (well, she’s more like Toddler M these days) was saying “Hosanna.” A lot. Especially after her diaper was changed.

The Frau thought “Hosanna” was either Toddler M’s way of saying “stand up” or that she was extra religious about diapers.

Finally, after about two months of “hosannaing,” The Frau decided to inquire about it. So she asked the teachers at the Krippe (Swiss daycare) if Toddler M said Hosanna a lot and if so, if they had any idea about what it meant.

“Oh,” they said, “You mean Hosen an.” 

In other words, Toddler M had been saying “pants on” in German for the last few months. Which makes much more sense than her being extra religious about having her diaper changed…much more sense…if you’re not The Frau, that is.

Oh well. Another day, another small Swiss German lesson learned. Along with a big, fat American laugh.

Have you had a good Swiss German lesson lately?


Anonymous said...

Every day with my kindergartener is a Swiss German lesson. We moved here in May, she started kindy in August, and now, at times I can hardly follow her conversation. I tell you, it's pretty weird to be unable to speak your own child's language.

Chantal said...

Couldn't agree more!

Hattie said...

My daughter has a whole thing that has nothing to do with me and that I did not teach her. It's Swiss German.

swisssidejewelleryetc said...

That's SO funny Chantal, I'm really laughing out loud!!

jaykaym said...

My son was late learning to talk and our nanny spent lots of time talking to him and pointing out items and naming them hoping he would catch on. One day she was really excited and told us "Today he said 'ahm'. We just stared blankly at her. She repeated "When I was bathing him, he said 'ahm'" We continued to look blank. Finally she demonstrated how she was holding his arm up to wash it and she said "He said 'ahm', 'ahm." We finally understood that she was saying ARM. She and our son ended up speaking British English and the rest of us spoke American English, kind of like two separate languages.

Stephanie said...

HILARIOUS! I love it!!

Chantal said...

Glad The Frau could provide a laugh. Even at her own expense, ha ha.

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