Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Tree Transport Success

We got our xmas tree a little earlier than usual this year. November 22. It's the earliest I've ever gotten a tree in my life. But without the landmark of Thanksgiving in Switzerland, we figured we'd just jump in and start enjoying everything Christmas has to offer. Especially since it had been snowing all day.

Actually, we didn't even think real trees would be available since it's not even Advent yet, but went to Jumbo, the Swiss version of Home Depot, and were pleasantly surprised to find real trees for sale. In fact, some of their normally priced CHF 60 trees were on sale for CHF 30, and for that price we just couldn't hold back our holiday spirit.

The only downside? We came by bus. But thing thing is, this is our third Christmas in Switzerland so we have experience-at least when it comes to unconventional transport.

Two years ago, this tree thing wasn't so easy. We had no experience. We had no IKEA cart. We had no confidence in our transport abilities. Trying to deal with a tree on a bus was awkward and embarrassing.

But this year, we knew just what to do. We were as smooth and suave as you could be with a 6-foot pine. After tying the tree in netting available at the Jumbo, we simply leaned it against our trusty IKEA cart, which we've now used to transport everything from electric fireplaces to gas canisters. In retrospect, this was much easier since at least if dropped, it couldn't explode or something.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera to record the experience. But as soon as we got home I took this picture of the tree leaning against the cart. So for all you who don't have a car, don't let that stop you from getting the tree of your dreams. In this land of cheese and chocolate, anything is possible. This tree success story is proof.


Jenni said...

How sad next year back in the states when you'll throw it on top of your car....

I'm also a big fan of the live tree.

Chantal said...

Looks like we may be here for another 2 years. So we'll have all the more time to experiment with transporting large objects.


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