Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Swiss Politics: "Yes, We Can" (Copy, that is)

So there is a big election in Switzerland on November 30th. And according to Susanne Hochuli, a political hopeful who has mailed me a postcard, "Mit Deiner Unterst├╝tzung: YES, WE CAN!" (With your support, yes, we can). Now first off, she is flawed in her targeting, because "no I can't" do anything to help her with my sad foreigner status, except make fun of her inability to advertise herself as anything other than a copycat.

The sad thing is, she's not the only one using this phrase. I've seen it on other Swiss political ads as well, hers just happened to appear nicely in my mailbox. I find it hilarious that Swiss politicians are ripping off Obama's "Yes, we can." Do they have nothing more original to say? But here is Susanne Hochuli. She's running for the "Aargauische Regierungsratswahlen". Wow, what a mouthful. I only wish I could pronounce something so important that it is worthy of more letters (31) that even entire alphabet can proclaim. But alas, I asked my husband too, and the results were a resounding, "No, we can't."

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