Sunday, November 09, 2008

UnvermeidBar in Baden

Think red velvet chairs, wine and chandeliers. Throw in a grand piano, candles, beer, and a random actor from Berlin (that strangely resembles Yanni) going off about a man's testosterone and then singing a song about it too. And then you have Baden's UnvermeidBar, located on Rathausgasse 22.

Vermeiden means "to avoid" in German. So I'm guessing the name "UnvermeidBar" is a play on the fact that you can't avoid some kind of random show by visiting this bar. During our 3-hour visit, we were treated to a 10-minute performance by Yanni, who I mentioned above. And then right after Yanni, a woman dressed in a very short flowered dress did a dramatic riff on men and pink purses, which then ended when she literally ran out the door and hugged some poor, unprepared guy on the street.

Anyhow, I guess the strange theatrics make sense as the bar is a part of Palino, a theater company in Baden. The website says that during all opening hours of the bar, one can expect readings, live music, or quick scenes. (Actually, I just made up the quick scenes, since I can't seem to figure out the word "Blitzszenen." Anyone have a clue?) Ah, well, it just adds to the mystery of the place, so never mind.

Did I mention there's no smoking allowed? Wow. I mean, I'll take the strange theatrical German outbursts if I don't have to go home and take a shower after going out for a few hours. It's a fun atmosphere too, as the place is actually two stages--there is one in the basement as well. When we first arrived, there was a play going on in the basement, so we were told to whisper as we enjoyed our drinks on the main floor.

Yep, it seems you never know what to expect at the UnvermeidBar. Except of course, the unexpected.

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