Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swiss Spa Survey

Ok. Forgive me, but I keep wanting to call the Schinznach Spa the Schnitzel Spa. Anyhow, I had the pleasure of checking it out on a Monday night a few weeks back and comparing it to my other Swiss spa adventures which include the Baden Thermalbad, The spa in Bad Ragaz, and Peter Zumthor’s spa in Vals.

Tis a terrible thing to get used to too many spas because you start comparing them and sounding like a terrible thing I never imagined myself becoming—a spa snob.

Anyhow, here’s how the spas rate:

Warmest water: Baden

Best jets: Baden

Best design: Vals

Most modern: Vals

Least modern: Baden

Most expensive: Vals (CHF 30)

Least expensive: Baden (CHF 16)

Best views from bath: Vals

Swim with the rose petals: Only Vals!

Ice Bath option: Only Vals

BYOT: (Bring your own towel) Bad Schinznach

Lazy River included: Schinznach and Bad Ragaz

Best spa for kids: Schinznach and Bad Ragaz

Warm towels: Only Baden!

Least crowded: Baden

Place where your spa experience is timed to the second: Schinznach

My Overall Spa of Choice: Baden. It’s the least modern, but has the most mineral-rich and warmest waters and the best jets for an overall body massage. Not to mention it’s less crowded and the cheapest of the bunch and is the only one to wrap you in a warm towel after you get out. (And I admit, it doesn’t hurt that it’s only a 10-minute walk away from my apartment).

But enough about my opinions. What is your favorite spa in Switzerland?


Jessica said...

Hey... now that Sarah is gone and she and I sputtered out of energy to go to the baths, I still want to go but need a spa expert to help see me through. Would you be keen to meet up with me some Saturday afternoon or evening or evening during the week to go to the Baden spa? Drop me an email! I am keen to go if you are. ;)

Chantal said...

Sure! I'd be up for a blogger blind date, ha ha. Saturday evenings are best since there is candlelight then! Bring your man and let's make it a double. I posted on your blog as well. I'll send you an email.

Suzer said...

Hi, what is the Lazy River?

Chantal said...

Hi Suzer, A lazy river is where they create a slow current in the water that allows you to float around.

Jenni said...

It's drinking the shot of spa water at the end that's always so invigorating (j/k!).

Chantal said...

Yes, forgot to mention right outside the Baden spa there's a fountain where you can drink the spa water. It's best to treat it like drinking a shot as it's a bit, ah, well, powerful tasting.

Jessica said...

We are keen for the blind date! :) Email me when you are free - this weekend perhaps?

Chantal said...

Cool. I sent you an email. Let me know if you didn't get it. This weekend would be perfect.

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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