Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proud to be an American

Yesterday, I wish I could have been in my hometown of Chicago to celebrate the most historic event in American history. Instead, I went to bed at 11pm Central European Time (5pm EST) and got up at 4am (10pm EST) with still no concrete election results, but with Obama winning by about 100 to 60.

About 7.15am my husband woke me up with the good news. Really, I almost felt like crying. To see that my fellow citizens had broken racial divides and picked someone that is a new face for America when we need it most is democracy at its shining best.

Even Virginia went blue, the state where my vote was counted this year.

Congrats, America. I feel we have made the right first step. And little by little, I now think it is possible to gain back some respect from the world.


Susan May said...

I'm not so much worried about the world's respect, but the unknown path our new President will take us down. I'm from Chicago, and I didn't vote for Obama - I also felt like crying a little this morning, but not for the same reason as you, unfortunately.

Chantal said...

Thanks for your comment. I would be interested to know more about what you call an unknown path. I feel we need a new path, don't see how it can get much worse than it is now.

Susan May said...

A new president is always a bit of an unknown quantity; they promise a lot and of course can't always deliver. The best example of how Obama will lead is by his voting record. In an attempt to answer your question, the unknowns I had in mind when typing my comment: How will our enemies react to this new leader and his doctrines? How will my personal financial resources be affected by Obama's plans for the economy? What will happen to faith-based charities (Obama seems to have flip-flopped on this subject in the past). Will abortions increase? Who will be appointed (eventually) to the Supreme Court, and will they attempt to legislate from the bench? I'm not the smartest person on the block about politics, but I have my own convictions and values, and my support and vote went to the candidate that best reflected my values. It wasn't Obama. The reality is I will adjust to a president that I didn't vote for, as I have in the past, and hope for the best.

Chantal said...

Hi Susan, I agree that there are a lot of unknowns, but my feeling is Obama will not do anything drastic. He is an intelligent man and seems like the kind of guy that would build a team of people that would challenge him and expand his knowledge in areas he is not as experienced in--i.e. he chose Joe Biden for his foreign policy experience.

As far as abortions go, I think he'll respect that it is a personal and private choice and not something that should really involve government opinion at all except to make sure to continue to protect a woman's right to choose what is best for her and her set of beliefs.

Susan May said...

I'm glad I checked back here, in case you replied. I appreciate your comments - you make some good points -and like I said, I'm trying to be hopeful. You are a good writer; thanks for blogging.

Chantal said...

Thanks for reading. And I appreciate your comments and views. It's great to discuss stuff like this.

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