Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where can I buy ... in Switzerland

After living in Switzerland for 2.5 years, I have acquired some useful knowledge-like where to buy certain things many expats crave. Here is an incomplete list. If you have other info to add or are wondering about something else, please leave a comment. Please note that I have included stores in Waldshut, Germany here since it's part of the Swiss train system--if you have a GA you don't need any extra tickets to go here. There are 3 grocery stores right next to the train station there especially for desperate expats and cheap Swiss people (yes, they actually exist).

Cheddar Cheese: Migros pre-packaged cheese section--bonus--no trying to order at a cheese counter! (It's called Cathedral Cheddar. It's white.). (For the brave, you can also order cheddar from the cheese counter at Coop, Jemoli, and Globus. In German, it's just called "Cheddar" and you order by the grams. About 300 grams is a decent amount).

Bagels: Coop (sometimes these are considered seasonal products...don't ask why. But the Coop in Baden has had them for the last month. If you're nuts like me you can stock up and buy a dozen at a time.)

English Muffins: None that I've found in Switzerland yet. Golden Toast makes a brand they sell in Germany. I've found them at Familia in Waldshut.

Oreos: Coop and Manor

Marshmallows: Jemoli, Globus, most German grocery stores

Canned Pumpkin: Jemoli, Globus

Pre-made pie crust: Coop

Normal tortilla chips that come in a decent sized bag and don't suck: Familia in Waldshut, Germany. They are in a large green bag. Brand is Poco Loco. Only 2 Euros!

Please let me know if I forgot something you are craving.


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