Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vollenweider and Tibits

I discovered two more Swiss treasures yesterday. Naturally, the first had to do with chocolate since that’s what the Swiss are best at. It’s called Vollenweider and it’s a chocolatier that just opened in October near the Zurich Opera House. Apparently it’s a Winterthur tradition that began in 1943 and this is the truffle specialist’s first venture into Zurich. It’s crazy expensive like everything else in Zurich (about CHF 1,50 for one tiny piece of chocolate) but it’s worth it. I recommend the chocolate mousse, the caramel, and the champagne balls. Yum.

After you eat dessert first, you can have a proper meal nearby, at Tibits. Located at Seefeldstrasse 7, Tibits is a vegetarian buffet-only restaurant run by the famous Hiltl. It’s a bit of a traffic jam at the buffet as everyone seems to make up their own way around it, but never-the-less, the food is terrific although you’ll spend at least CHF 20 to fill a plate and if you go all-out, probably CHF 30. You can also take the food with you if you’re in a rush. Everything I had, from the tabouleh to the tomato and mozzarella salad was terrific, even mixed together with my raspberry tiramisu. It’s probably the most colourful plate of food I’ve ever eaten.


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