Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Balloon Festival in Toggenburg

I will never be as cool as my younger sister. Because I do things like get up at 6.30 am on a Saturday to go see cows. But give me a break. I’m in Switzerland. That’s what people do here.

Despite the whole sister stigma, I actually enjoyed the Alpabzug in Urnaesch two weekends ago. And I’d get up at 6.30 am for a bunch of dressed-up cows again. I think a few Swiss bloggers that I saw there would agree with me, right?

Anyhow, as we talk once a week, my sister couldn’t wait to hear what stupid thing I did in Switzerland this last weekend. So I told her it was the Balloon Festival in Toggenburg. The highlight of this balloon festival is the Night Glow where the hot air balloons sit along a lake in the middle of the Alps and light up to music. This was a bit cooler in her opinion. So maybe I’m not a total loser. Yet.

A lot of other people thought a balloon fest in the middle of nowhere was cool too, as evidenced by the hundreds of people I had to fight, up to an hour and a half ahead of time, to get a prime spot along the lake for photo taking.

Twelve balloons “danced” to everything from the theme to the Lion King to live yodeling to Johann Strauss. That combination alone in one 45-minute interval was something to experience. Personally, I found that the Strauss worked the best because of the upbeat rhythm, but the live yodeling was definitely more unique. Problem is, yodeling doesn’t have such a defined beat, and a rhythm sort of helps when you’re trying to light up balloons to music. But decide for yourself. Because what do I know? I'm the kind of person that gets up way too early to see cows.


Wide Eyed Gypsy said...

Its the spookiest ting I ever saw. I still have chills!

Chantal said...

Yodeling. Balloons lighting up to it. Only in Switzerland.

Jessica said...

Why, why, why?!?!

Why do you keep these gems of events all to yourself?!?! :)

Chantal said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Should have put the word out about this one in advance. But I had no idea what to expect. We decided last minute to go for the weekend.

There's always next year. Or the much more famous winter balloon fest in Chateau D'Oex.

Jenni said...

Balloons on their own aren't inherently Swiss, but add the yodeling....

I've gone to the balloon festival here in Denver, and (like the cows) it is at the crack of dawn, but I like the idea of a night show better!

Chantal said...

Yodeling to balloons is probably uniquely Swiss. But I'm interested in being proven wrong...

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