Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wagamama in Zurich!

For those of you that like Asian food, the Wagamama Noodle Bar is now in Zurich. I went there today and had a big bowl of chicken ramen soup! Perfect for the wintertime. The service was very friendly and English-speaking and the menu (also available in English) is reasonably priced (for Zurich), which means entrees are about CHF 19-25. Even better, there was no smoking! I think this place is my new favorite for Asian food in Zurich.

Wagamama is a chain--I ate at one earlier this year in London and lamented the whole time about why they don't have places like this in Zurich. Well now they do! Yipee.

Here's the address:
Wagamama Zürich
Talstrasse 83
8001 Zurich

There's also one in Winterthur:
Marktgasse 7
CH 8400 Winterthur


Jenni said...

Very exciting for you! Our London experience was my first at Wagamama as well.

Happy Dining!

Chantal said...

Thanks! It is always great to have another option besides cheese!

cam said...

This has nothing to do with your post... but I just want to let you know that I bought a book (in English!) for 1CHF today. yea!

Chantal said...

Wow, what a deal! Where did you get that treasure from?


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