Thursday, December 15, 2016

Caught Between American and Swiss Christmas Traditions

Happy Holidays, Yodelers.

Long time no see.

That is The Frau’s fault, and since she’s in the U.S., allow her to apologize with a big, fat American “sorry.”
No more bringing the Christmas tree
home on a public bus for The Frau. Sad.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, but it seems like every time The Frau sits down to write a blog post, she's either distracted by election woes or what she writes turns into an essay she wants to send to a publication. (Therefore, she cannot post it here as publications will rarely re-publish posts from personal blogs. Sigh.)

So instead, The Frau will share a holiday post turned essay, which was published yesterday by the Washington Post. It’s called Creating new Christmas traditions, one overly commercialized experience at a time and it’s about what to do when you no longer have your American childhood holiday tradition and you no longer have your Swiss holiday tradition (bring your Christmas tree home from Jumbo on a Swiss public bus) and you are caught in that strange place of non-tradition. Can anyone relate?

In other news, The Frau is hard at work on her next Swiss-related book, which will be out next May. Part travel guide, part cultural guide, it's a book that aims to make even the most foreign of us who gave up our Swiss C-permits for a little Trumpland maintain a little Swissness (and sanity). Stay tuned.

In the meantime, you might enjoy this ultimate Swiss Gift Guide, which The Frau previously created for any of you who aren’t quite Swiss enough to have all of your shopping done yet.

Frohe Weihnachten, mitenand.


Anonymous said...

Do you know the song "Ensemble" by "Migros Ensemble"? What better way to get that Swiss feeling around Christmas ;-)

Regards, Patrick

Kimberly said...

Just seeing the Swissness of the cupboards in the background makes me 'home'sick. This is our second Christmas back in the US and the posts from my friends on FB with pictures all around Zurich have me melting. I fondly remember our 'Volvo' as we called it - I see yours carrying your tree. Our first Christmas tree was brought home by little ol' me, from Micros Bau und Hobby in Kusnacht via train, tram, and bus. I'm sure it was entertaining. Wouldn't trade the memories for a second.

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Teresa Hamilton said...

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Watson Zion said...

Our first Christmas tree was brought home by me, from Micros Bau und Hobby in Kusnacht through prepare, cable car, and transport. I'm certain it was engaging. Wouldn't exchange the recollections for a moment. Simply observing Help me With my Research Paper the Swissness of the cabinets out of sight makes me 'home'sick. This is our second Christmas back in the US and the posts from my companions on FB with pictures all around Zurich make them soften.

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